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World Environment Day(5th June, 2021): It was observed on 5th June, 2021 on online mode and offline mode. Students from classes VI to XII participated in the programme. Dr. Dipankar Lahkar, Manager, Tiger Reached and Conversation Division, AARANAYAK interacted with our students through a presentation on the importance of conservation of Tigers in present scenario. The Principal of the Vidyalaya planted the saplings in the school garden and in surrounding areas. The  programmes on the day were;

·        Plantation of saplings

·        Plantation and a short write up of Botanical names of the plants, their economic importance.

·        Poster / Power Point presentation

·        Essay Writing

 International Yoga Day (15 to 21st June 2021): The yoga day week was celebrated from 15th to 21st June 2021 from 6:00 to 7:00 am. on online mode. Students from classes VI onwards, Teaching & Non-teaching staffs of the school Parents and Well Wishers joined in the yoga from their home and some students are uploaded their yoga photographs in our school site. Vivekananda Kendra Nagar Samiti, Margherita members also actively participated on this online Yoga programme. It included following activities.

*Parthana, description of mantras meaning

*Loosening exercises

* Surayanamaskar



* Total 600 (approx.) including students, parents and staff are joined in the programme.


On 21st June 2021, the programme was concluded.


Guru Purnima (23rd  July, 2021): To commemorate the Jayanti Ved Vyasa and to pay homage to this enlightened soul, Guru Purnima was observed by the Vidyalaya through virtual mode. Mananeeya Vishwas Lapalkarji spoke on the occasion and very lucidly highlighted the significance of the day and how we, the posterity are eve indebted to this great Guru, whose light of knowledge dispelled the darkness of ignorance.  Apart  from the teachers and students, the programme was attended by the Principals of other VKVs and VKSPV officials.

Independence Day (15th August’ 2021): The 75th Independance Day was celebrated in VKV NEC Baragolai in offline and online mode. The complete programme was live streamed on school you tube channel. Principal Sri Digesh Chandra Nath hoisted  the Tri-Colour flag At 7.30 AM . With complete Covid-19 protocols Teachers, students, parents and well- wishers were present in the programme. A  small cultural programme was organised where students performed song, recitation , dance etc. 

Raksha Bandhan & Mananeeya Eknathji's Punyatithi (15th August’ 2021):

On account of Raksha Bandhan and Eknathji’s Punyatithi VKV NEC Baragolai organises a series of programme  from morning 11:00 a.m. Vice-Principal Sri Arundoy Roychoudhury offered Raksha Sutras to Swamiji . After that Raksha Sutras were tied among the teachers and students from the school campus. 

At evening 5.30 pm a alumni meeting was organised in virtual mode in Webx platform as a part of  Raksha Bandhan &  Eknathji  Punyatithi.The programme started with Mangalacharan followed by song on Eknathji. Su. Radha Didi started the programme with a beautiful speech narrating the significance of Raksha Bandhan . In a self introductory session all the Alumni & the formers  principals & teachers introduced themselves and cherished the nostalgic days. 

SHRIKRISHNA JANMASHTAMI (29th & 30th August 2021): SHRIKRISHNA JANMASHTAMI was celebrated with the following activities on virtual mode for the primary classes in our vidyalaya.

1. Class- KG : Dress up in mythological characters,

     30th August (10:00 to 11:00 a.m.)

     Coordinator- Subrata didi

2. Class- 1 : Drawing,

      30th August, (9:00 to 10:00 a.m.)

      Coordinator- Bornil Sir

3. Class- II & III : Story telling from the life of Lord Krishna ,

       29th August, (10:00 to 11:00 a.m. )

       Coordinator- Tumpa didi

4. Class- IV : Rangoli making,

        30th August, (11:15 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.)

         Coordinator- Sujata didi

5. Class- V : Chanting and explanation of five shlokas from KARMYOGA   


                  29th & 30th August, (9:00 to 10:00 a.m. )

                 Coordinator- Sailesh Sir.




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