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Celebration & Observances

Observances/Celebration/Kendra Activities/Important Activities

Varsharambha Ceremony: It was observed on 21st April 2022. Students of classes I to X and XII (Science & Commerce) attended the programme. Around 500 students were present in the programme.

The following are  the highlights of the programme:

  • Mangalacharan
  • Deep Prajwalan and Offering flower at the portrait of Maa Saraswati
  • Speech by the Principal of school 

Vidyarambha Ceremony: It was celebrated on 28th April 2022, for the student of LKG and UKG. Around 39 students in LKG & 57 students in UKG took admission. 96 kids along with their parents attended the programme from 12:00 pm.  The programme ended at 2:30 pm.

The following are the highlights of the programme:

  • Mangalacharan
  • Deep Prajwalan and offering flower at the portrait of Maa Saraswati
  • Speech by the Principal  and teachers

*CBSE Board Exam (Term II): CBSE Board Examination for classes X & XII started from 26th April 2022. It will end on 13th June 2022. Total 207 candidates in class X and 82 candidates in class XII are appearing in the examination centre.  Student of 3 nearby schools appeared in the centre.


Guru Nanak Jayanti (8th Nov.2022.): Guru Nanak Jayanti was observed in the school premises. Smt. Mamon Choudhury, teacher delivered the speech on the importance of Guru Nanak Jayanti and life of Guru Nanakji. Bhajan and Quiz also conducted on the day.


Children’s Day (14th Nov.2022):In the morning assembly the importance of the programme was presented by speech by the teachers, Smt. Sheli Mandal in Primary, In Secondary Smt. Poulomi Nag and Smt. Pallabita Bharali in Higher Secondary Section.

* Games played among the Primary Students.

* Poem Recitation programme organizes, Group Song programme was conducted.

* Musical Chairs for Girls Vs Ladies teachers.

* Volleyball games was played Boys Vs Gents  teachers


Sadhana Divas (19th Nov.2022):It was observed in the school premises. Importance on the day speech delivered by Ms. Sanchita Gautam in the Secondary section, Ms. Priyanka Dey, in Primary Section, Smt. Poulomi Nag in Senior Secondary Section. Speech competition for the classes VI to X,out of  that 4 best were selected who were given the chance to speak in the main programme.

* Pushpanjali programme conducted

* Group song presented on Eknathji,

* Documentary show presented

* Quiz conducted

* Sharmadan was conducted.

* Swadhaya for teachers


Lachit Divas (24th Nov. 2022): Lachit Divas was observed in the Vidyalaya in an ambience befitting to the occasion. Pushpanjali was offered to the great martyr. A poem based on patriotic favour was recited; the tale of his historic deeds was remembered through a speech. Also, a dance based on a song narrating his historic persona was performed and documentary based on his life was screened. Sri Lochan Goutam, teacher, delivered the speech of Bir Lachit Borphukan. Smt. Rinkumoni Kalita Mandal,teacher  presented reiteration. Conducted Quiz, Presented Folk Group Song on theday also presented documentary show of Bir Lachit Borphukan.

Samskar Verga: Samskar Varga was organized in three places namely, School Prayer Hall, Baragolai Hanuman Mandir, Gopal Dham, Baragolai every Sunday.

Report of Ganit Prajna Samvardhan Programme (05.11.2022):Our Vidyalayahad organized GPS programme at the school on 5th Nov.2022. Principal, Vice Principal of our Vidyalaya and Smt. Papori Baruah Gogoi, Director of Kidzee and Sunshine High School, Baragolai was present in the programme.  In this programme Sri D. Rama Rao, Headmaster of Adarsh Hindi High School, Bargolai,Sri Amrit Borthakur, Parent Representative of SMC of VKV(NEC) Baragolai with Mathematics teacher of  nearby schools were invited in the programme. All the Guests  were motivated our students by their valuable words.  Specially, we have invited parents of achievers students in the programme. 

Our achievers students:

1)      Kr. Subham Sekhar Sahoo, Class VI, Rank – 7

2)      Km. Ashwariya Pandey, Class VI, Rank -10

3)      Km. Monalisa Dutta, Class VII, Rank- 7

4)      Kr. Abhimanyu Roy Choudhury, Class- VIII, Rank-5

5)      Kr. Soumyadeep Borthakur, ClassVIII,Rank-15 

Students shared their experience of NIT Silchar and Assam University visits in connection with GPS programme. At last Prizes and Certificates were given to the achievers.

*Achivement in Extempore speech  organised by Coal India Limited , Margherita (05/11/2022):There was  Elocution Competition organised by NEC, CIL, Margherita  at our school. It was for the classes for Secondary and Senior Secondary students. As per the following schedule:

1) Slogan Competition -  For Secondary Classes (2) Elocution Competition – For  Sr. Secondary Classes.

During this programme Sri A. Billy, Area Manager (Personnel), P & A,NEC, CIL, Margherita alongwith 3 officials were present in the programme.


The following students were won the prizes :

Elocution Competition:

1)      1st Prize: Km. Shreya Kumari , Class -  IX , won  Cash money of Rs. 3000/-

2)      2nd  Prakash Raj Thapa , Class XI, Science , won Cash Money of Rs. 2000/-

3)      Kr. Ankush Dutta, Class …… won cash money  of Rs. 1000/-

4)      Km. Parsa Zahin Khanikar, Class X, won the consolidated prize of Rs. 500/-

Workshop of Digital Board: The Vidyalaya organized a 4-hour Training Session for Digital Board Operation in collaboration with Teach Next India Pvt Ltd on 12/11/22 for the teachers.  All the teachers including Principal and Vice Principal participated in the Training Session and learnt about the proper operation of digital boards and also about their subject wise contents.


30thNational Children Science Congress (NCSC):This programme was organised by National  Council  for Science and Technology Communication, department  of Science and Technology , Govt. of India, Science-Technology and Climate Change Department, Govt. of Assam, NCSTC-New Delhi at Srimanta Shankardev  Uccha Madhyamik  Vidyalaya, Pengri, Tinsukia,Assam on 4th November, 2022. In this programme our school two groups of studentwere participated:


 * Title of Project: A study on local wetland Flora and its impact in wetland ecosystem.

* Name of Group leader: Kum, Monalisa Dutta, Class VIII

* Name of the Co-worker: Kr Nayan Jyoti Gogoi, Class VIII

* Project Guide: Smt. Pori Saikia, Teacher 


 * Title of Project: Types of Pollinators and the frequency of their visit in our local garden

* Name of Group leader: Kr. Tanmoy Ghosh, Class IX

* Name of the Co-worker: Kr Rishabh  Kumar ,Class IX

* Project Guide: Sri Prakash Ranjan, Teacher 

Total 126 groups presented their projects at District Level. Students of Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya (NEC) Baragolai went to presenting their project on 4th November 2022 out of 126 projects. Total 15 projects got selected for State Level NCSE. 

And among them the project by group of students of Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya (NEC) Baragolai “A study on local Wetland and Floraand its impact in wetland Ecosystem” also got selected for State Level NCSE 2022. Sri Sudip Kumar Bhattacharjee, Science Teacher, was the escorted the students during this tour.

CBSE Aryahata Ganit Chellenge 2022 (First Stage): In the CBSE site we have registered 34 students and for the Ganit Exam on 25th Nov.2022 of 40 marks for 1 hour exam held in the school by offline, among of them 3 toppers students were selected and paid fee of Rs. 900/- each of Rs.300/- as registration fee.

CBSE English Challenge 2022: Registration is started total 22 students were registered for the examination in CBSE site on 26th November 2022. The exam was conducted on 29th November, 2022 in the school hours.

CBSE Training Attended (4th Nov.2022), two teachers Sri Kandha Kochiary and Su. Sachita Gautam attended the training programme and use of Digital Tools at Delhi Public School, Digboi, organised by CBSE. It was commenced at 2:50 pm to 5:30 pm. Near about 40 to 45 participants were present on the training. The resource person was Mr. Karol Sharma having 15 years of experience in this field. Overall, it was very informative and inspiring which we must know to develop the nation and to grow the economy of the country.

Kalpataru Diwas (2nd Jan 2023): It was observed in the morning assembly. Sri Pavan Kumar Mishra, a teacher delivered speech on the importance of the day. Students from classes I to XII, were present on the day. 

Celebrations: On 12th January 2023: Puspanjali Programme was organizedat 8 nearby places in various locations of Ledo, Margherita and Baragolai from 7:30 to 8:30 am with the help of students, staff and well-wishers. Around 500 people were present in those Puspanjali Programmes. In the school premises the day was celebrated in a grand way from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm with the following agenda.

Agenda of the programme:

Ø  Managalacharan

Ø  Felicitation to Chief Guest

Ø  Felicitation of Guest of Honour

Ø  Speech by the Principal

Ø  Felicitation to the Retired Teachers

Ø  Cultural Programmes

Ø  Prize Distribution

Ø  Vote of Thanks

The programme started from 10:00 am. Sri Saundaryya Prasad Dutta, General Manager, Coal India Limited, Margherita graced the occasion as Chief Guest. Smt. Mira Subba, President of Baragolai Gaon Panchayat, Baragolai and Dr. Kripa Prasad Upadhaya, Principal, Ledo College were also present in the programme as dignified guests. Around 2000 audiences (Students, Parents and Well-wishers) attended the programme on the day.

Netaji Jayanti(23rd Jan 2023):Netaji Jayanti was observed in the morning assembly. Students from Classes I to XII, around 800 along with 70 staff were present in the programme.

Science Exhibition in the school (23rd Jan 2023): A science Exhibition was conducted in the school premises. Around 30 students of the nearby schools were present in the exhibition. Sri A.Billy W.M. Area Manager (P&A), NEC, CIL, Margherita was the Chief Guest on the Exhibition. He interacted with the students about their exhibits. Around 30 Projects/Exhibits were presented in the exhibition. Students from classes VI to XI presented their exhibits.

Saraswati Puja (26th January 2023):Saraswati Puja was celebrated in the school campus in a grand way which started rom 8:30 am and ended at 3:00 pm. Around 2000 (approx.) people including students, staff and parents joined the occasion. Sri Saundarya Prasad Dutta, General Manager, NEC, CIL, Margherita with Sri M.P. Dutta, Senior Staff Officer, from NEC, CIL, Margherita along with CIL officials attended the puja in school. Sri Devendra Kumar Malviya, a senior teacher,performed the puja.

Republic Day (26th January 2023) : The school observed 74th Republic Day in the school premises. Students from classes I to XII, were present on the day. Around 200 people including students, well-wishers and staff were present in the programme. The following agenda was followed for the programme.

i)                   Managalacharan

ii)                Speech by students

iii)              Flag hoisting

iv)              Speech by the Principal on importance of the day

v)                 Group song by the students

Two groups consisting 29 NCC Cadets went to the Central Field, Margherita to perform parade. Another group consisting 32 students went to sing Bhajan in the programme.

Live Broadcast of Pariksha Pe Charcha 2023, on 27th January: On 27th January 2023 at 11:00 am students of classes IX & XI watched Pariksha Pe Charcha programme in school premise. Total 176, students were present in the programme.

Images of the programme:





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