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Co-Curricular Activities 2010-11

New Inclusions in the Morning Assembly

The following have been included newly in the Morning Assembly:Sentence Correction by Students,Weekly School Report, Assessment of Morning Assembly & Saturday’s Balsabha has been given a new look

Balsabhas on Saturdays:

Morning Assembly on Saturdays for the classes I-V has been extended from previous 15 minutes up to 45 minutes now and has been named as BALSABHA wherein the children have been given ample opportunity to showcase their hidden talent. These Balsabhas are conducted every 1st Saturday house-wise and every 3rd and 4th Saturdays class-wise.Apart from regular assembly activities such as Prayer, Pledge, Thought explanation etc. students are allowed to present quiz, devotional songs, folk songs, traditional dances, recitation, yogasanas, stories etc. Among the above mentioned activities any six activities are presented every week.

Other regular features of the Morning Assembly

Prayer, Pledge, Thought Explanation, Lingashtakam, National Song, Bhajan, Patriotic Song, Hindi Assembly, Weekly Special Programme (The house takes the liberty to decide about the programme in consultation with the teachers-in-charge of CCA). Performance of these items is regularly assessed by a few teachers (entrusted with the responsibility) and the records are maintained systematically at school.